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  • Scappoose JBO

    Scappoose JBO

    Scappoose JBO is a new youth recreational baseball league for players in 7th and 8th grade. Our goal is not to compete with Little League, but to bridge the gap between Little League Majors and baseball at Scappoose High School.

How this all got started

In August 2019, Scappoose High School head baseball coach, Cameron Webb, invited parents with baseball players that had aged out of Little League Majors to a meeting to discuss a possible transition to a new baseball league, JBO.  Parents were approached to find a better solution for preparing our players for high school baseball.  It was noted that most, if not all, of the teams the Scappoose Little League Majors team faced in the district tournament transition to JBO after Majors to better prepare players for high school baseball.  It was also noted that currently the level of competition for Scappoose Little League at the Juniors level is lacking.  Our team was playing teams with little to no previous baseball experience and we were doing our boys no justice by staying in Little League beyond Majors.  It has never been the intent of Scappoose JBO to replace nor compete with Little League.  Several of the parents expresses interest in researching more information on JBO and what it would take for Scappoose to form a JBO league.  5 parents stepped forward to volunteer to lead this endeavor.  After several weeks of research and reaching out to Westside JBO district to explore if they would even consider adding a Scappoose league, it was determined that this would be a good fit for our community.  An executive board was created with the 5 parent volunteers as the originating board members.  By laws were written, tax ID number established and here we are, brand new league:  Scappoose JBO!

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