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  • Scappoose JBO

    Scappoose JBO

    Scappoose JBO is a new youth recreational baseball league for players in 7th and 8th grade. Our goal is not to compete with Little League, but to bridge the gap between Little League Majors and baseball at Scappoose High School.

Club Team Registrations


Please click the link to order uniforms, warm-up and swag for the whole family.  The uniform will be a required purchase and coordinating pants, belt and socks will be available for purchase as well.  Uniform will cost approximately $50 and be ordered directly by participant families.

**We are using the same uniforms as last season, so no need to order if you have one already.**

Current Catchers gear guidelines--Note changes for 2021 season--

All catchers must wear NOCSAE standard catcher's head and face protection with full ear and throat protection, a body/chest protector, protector cup (male only), and baseball protective shin guards during warm-ups and during games in all leagues.

Also, effective January 1, 2021, every chest protector MUST have the NOCSAE stamp on it. There are three different options that would meet this requirement.
1) a new traditional chest protector that protects the heart/cardiac silhouette and meets the NOCSAE performance standard;
2) a body protector (compression shirt with heart guard built into the shirt) that protects the heart/cardiac silhouette and meets the NOCSAE performance standard under the traditional chest protector;
3) a chest pad that protects the heart/cardiac silhouette and meets the NOCSAE performance standard that fits on top of the traditional chest protector.

Current Bat Guidelines--

Official Rule:

All baseball bats in JBO, Inc. will be either a BBCOR,  BPF 1.15, or USABaseball certified, or wood bats. Umpires are required to perform a pre-game inspection of all equipment, especially bats, to ensure proper certification. Use of an illegal/altered bat shall be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and the player and Head Coach shall be ejected from the game. Both the ejected player & coach may be subject to further disciplinary action by the District and JBO, Inc.
To identify JBO sanctioned youth bats, look for one of the following stamps on the taper of the bat.


Current Cleat Guidelines--

Steel cleats are allowed for Senior Division play

Official JBO Rulebook--

JBO Official Rulebook

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