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  • Scappoose JBO

    Scappoose JBO

    Scappoose JBO is a new youth recreational baseball league for players in 7th and 8th grade. Our goal is not to compete with Little League, but to bridge the gap between Little League Majors and baseball at Scappoose High School.


12 U--2022 Summer/Fall Tournament Baseball Tryouts  Baseball

Summer 2022
Apr 22 ’22
May 21 ’22
Registration Dates:
Apr 22 ’22 – May 21 ’22 regular
Minimum age:
10 years old
Maximum age:
12 years old
Age as of:
May 1 ’22
Group Fees

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Tryouts for Summer and Fall tournament baseball.  Tryout date/time TBD.

12U team for players 11 and 12 years old.  Cutoff date for age is May 1.  Click here for specifications


We want to get the Scappoose kids more opportunities to play baseball. Most of the surrounding districts have something similar for players that want to play more baseball. Baseball is a sport of repetition, the more you play the better you get.


Travel ball will take place after the Little League season (including all stars). The tournaments can run late into fall. No commitment to play all the tournaments.


There will be an initial fee to pay for insurance and supplies (fee TBD). The Tournament fees will be a â??pay as you playâ?? setup. The initial entry fee for each tournament will be paid by Scappoose JBO. The players that play in that tournament will be responsible to pay that fee back to Scappoose JBO. So there is no commitment to play every tournament throughout the late summer/ fall.

On average a weekend long tournament will cost around $500 per team. Divide that between 12 players and that equals $42 per player for the entire weekend.


Scappoose JBO will have a T-shirt type uniform for families to purchase on their gear website. Families will order uniforms themselves and have them shipped directly to home. Little League uniforms are not allowed.

Baseball bat type

The baseball bat type will depend on the tournament's rules, however your childâ??s bat used during the Little League season should work.

Filed size

At this age group most of the tournaments will be played on a 50- 70 field size. Most of the tournaments will have base runners leading off. However each tournament will be different depending on the tournament rules.

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